Collective Worship

At St Anne’s we believe that worship in our school celebrates the presence of God in our lives. In our words and actions we respond to God’s invitation to relate to Him through the life and work of Jesus and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Worship is an integral part of our school life, enabling everyone to participate in their spiritual journey.

We endeavour to take account of the religious and educational needs of all who share in collective worship. We encourage everyone to contribute, participate and gain spiritually from the experience, regardless of their faith background or prior experiences.

We believe that Collective Worship in our school aims to promote the opportunity for all pupils and staff:-

  • to celebrate God’s presence in their lives and encourage the development of a personal relationship with God
  • to participate fully
  • to provide opportunities for enhancing spiritual growth and personal development through prayer and reflection
  • to enrich their own understanding beliefs;
  • to experience a sense of belonging;
  • to pray with meaning;
  • to be thankful;
  • to share values and a sense of community;
  • to take time for ‘wonder’.
  • develop knowledge of and experience seasons within the Church’s year
  • develop knowledge and understanding of scripture

Consequently, we spend time in prayer daily – for example in the classroom to begin and end each day. In addition, we gather in the hall for assemblies, services and celebrations on a regular basis as well as for special events. We also celebrate Mass in school on a number of occasions throughout the year.