Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to our new Class Page!

We are a happy, hard working class who try our best in everything we do.

Being prepared for school each day

Children will need a coat appropriate for the weather, a bottle filled with water, a bag for reading books and homework. Pencil cases and other school equipment will be provided for children by school. It is important we limit what is being brought into school so things don’t get lost or damaged.

Break Times

Children have a 15 minute breaktime each morning. Fruit will be provided for the children in school.

Class Teacher

Mrs Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose Yr 1 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Leanne Taylor

Leanne Taylor TA

Miss Sarah Green

St Annes CVA Staff
  • We hand homework out on a Friday and expect this to be handed in by Wednesday. Dojos will be rewarded for homework being completed and handed in on time.
  • Reading books should be read 3 times a week. Dojos will be rewarded for children that do this and they will be entered into a weekly class raffle and a half termly school to win a special prize.
  • Reading books can be changed on any day if the children hand them into the box, but we do expect the children to read their book all the way through 3 times. 1) To check they can read all the words. 2) To improve their reading fluency. 3) To improve comprehension of the story.
  • The children have access to spelling shed and maths shed to play at home for any extra practice they might want. The whole school leader board will be checked every other week to see who is at the top for an award in celebration assemblies. Dojos are also awarded each week when the children have been on.

Our PE day is on a Monday.

Children should come to school wearing the correct PE kit.

Meet the Staff for this Class

Class Teacher

Mrs Rose

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Taylor

Miss Green

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